I am a Jesus-lover and a child of God who wants to know Him more and follow him whole-heartedly.

My journey with Him is full of ups and downs, detours, u-turns and whatever else. My life is a massive work-in-progress (spiritually, personally and in every other thinkable area), and my only hope is God’s unfailing and never-ending love.

In other words, please don’t expect perfection when reading my posts. My aim is to be honestly sharing my thoughts, and while I am being encouraged, you will be also.

My wish is that these posts will stir your desire to pursue a closer and deeper relationship with Jesus, our God and Saviour.

He is the most important person in the universe, and we have the priviledge to become his friends and confidants. He desires to pour his love into our hearts and longs to be loved by us.

I pray you will be blessed.