God’s masterpiece

You are God’s masterpiece! His work of art, wonderfully and patiently designed and created. (Ephesians 2:10)

You are uniquely beautiful, there is no one as beautiful as you. You might wish you looked differently, maybe you would like to be taller or you don’t the colour of your eyes. Nevertheless, God thinks you look perfect and he intended you exactly the way you are!

Many of our ideas of beauty are defined by social and cultural trends. Compare today’s supermodels with the muses of baroque painters and you will see how fleeting and temporary the human definition of beauty is.

God’s definition stands – he sees you as his masterpiece, in whichever shape, size or colour!

His masterpiece is not only limited to your outward appearance but to the entirety of your body and soul. Think about the complexity of our DNA, our body systems, the miracle of childbirth, our emotional and intellectual capabilities. All this is part of the great piece of art God has made you be!

Learn to appreciate yourself, your body, soul and mind and how beautiful, wonderful and truly unique you are!