Sea waves and rocks
Purposeful Living

Loyal hearts. Allow God to take your side.

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”
2 Chronicles 16:9

If we are loyal to God, he gets involved on our behalf: he acts, directs other people’s hearts, lets us find favour and mercy before those in authority and turns around political and historical decisions.

Navigating through life

When facing challenges in life, either those that are particularly difficult or experiences we all encounter at some point in our life, who do we rely on to get us through safely and successfully?

A new job for example can be a challenge, it’s an unknown territory with many unknown traps, colleagues we don’t know yet if they are trustworthy, a boss whose temper we are not yet acquainted with.

Leaving the safety of our home for the first time in our life when starting university, we are confronted with a world we didn’t even know existed, a mind-set and a lifestyle we may not have been exposed to while growing up under our parent’s protection.

Handling tough situations God’s way

Life can be scary, and so can the world we are living in. We may not be looking for challenges or conflicts, but what if they come looking for us? Then we must deal with them, whether we want or not.

This passage in 2 Chronicles 16 tells us about Asa, the king of Judah, faced an approaching hostile army. A prophet of God puts before him two alternatives of dealing with them. Previously, when the mighty Ethiopian army had attacked Judah, Asa had trusted the LORD and was victorious. Now, Asa tried to protect Judah from the northern kingdom of Israel by enticing the king of Damascus to attack Israel. This was not only a betrayal against his fellow Israelites, but also a reliance on worldly wisdom: scheming and manipulating.

Don’t rely on human wisdom

God does not want us to rely on our own wisdom or human understanding of handling situations. Blending in, in order to be accepted. Pleasing people. Flattering, pretending, manipulating, coercing, taking advantage of others’ weaknesses for our gain.

When confronted with tough situations, we need to turn to God to either lead us out or lead us through. If we are loyal to him, patiently wait for his intervention, and do not take matters into our own hands, he will intervene on our behalf, shift things, move or remove people, turn situations around, protect us and promote us. There is nothing that can stand in his way.

God waits to get involved

I find it intriguing that God is looking “to and fro” throughout the whole earth to find someone loyal. Another translation uses the term “hearts fully committed to him”. Are we so half-hearted, so ready to compromise, that God must search throughout the whole earth?

He wants to show himself strong on our behalf, all he requires is an obedient heart that longs for his help, a heart that trusts him. He seems eager to find someone, almost desperate. Where are his loyal children who wait on him and believe he will come through for them?

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